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Scents of the Earth

episode  nr. 1 : Oakmoss 

You are so very welcome to our very first ''episode'' of Scents of the Earth. This is a project that lived in my head for a while before it took shape and finally entered the world. The result is now in your hands and I am so glad to share it with you. 

For now, find a nice spot for yourself to get comfortable. I would love for you to feel just like it would be visiting my studio, where I would show you all my favorite

Hello you!


books, scents and tidbits evolving around our scent of choice. In this case.. moss. Especially Oakmoss, which is actually not a moss (I will tell you all about it), but it is a material that is or has been used extensively in natural and artisanal perfumery.

It is known as a possible skin allergen if used in too large a quantity, so be mindful if you are known to have sensitive not to use it directly on the skin. In the large spray bottle you can find a dillution that I made to spray it on a blotter. I made the dillution so that you can also wear it if allergies are not an issue. 


With love,


For centuries, humans have considered themselves to be superior to other species, but recent research has challenged this notion. Scientists have discovered that plants communicate with one another and with other organisms through a language of scent.


This revelation offers a new perspective on the natural world and highlights the complexity and interconnectedness of all living things. Lingua Planta represents a profound shift in our understanding of the plant kingdom and challenges us to rethink our relationship with nature.

To celebrate the intelligence of plants and to evoke a perspective shift, we've created a line of perfumes chosen with plant ethics in mind. Our perfumes are crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each fragrance is of the highest quality & friendly to all of Earth's inhabitants. 

The natural perfumes of Lingua Planta

Some inspiration for you

Music from the forest

for a quiet mind

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Click on the image to find a free online version of the book Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kimmerer. One of my favorite writers.

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Review - We love hearing your thoughts and feelings about our product line. Whether in a video or in text, both very much valued.

Oakmoss I found in Guatemala -

Oakmoss is a nitrogen-sensitive symbiosis between algae and fungi, that thrives in environments with low nitrogen levels all around the world, making it an effective marker for clean air. Lichens, as a whole, respond swiftly to air pollution, with their growth influenced by factors like nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

So if you see Oakmoss, you are in luck, because these curious organisms tell you that the air you breathe is very clean and healthy. 


Oakmoss in Lingua Planta perfumes Oakmoss absolute is a favorite mossy basenotes that we use in a couple of our perfumes such as  Defend, Understory and Henosis. 

Find Oakmoss in perfumes?

Oakmoss is present in Defend, Understory and Henosis perfumes and roomsprays.


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or DM @linguaplanta

Photo header: Maxime Cardol

Photo portrait: Aksana Mikhalap Root and Bloom

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