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Scents of the Earth

Scents of the Earth

30,00 €Preis

A monthly subscription where we’ll take a deep dive into the world of scent.


You’ll get a little box sent to your home each month with a vial of scent material and another object, creating an all-encompassing sensory journey. In the box you’ll find a card with a link where you’ll find a video with me, Merle, the perfumer of Lingua Planta, sharing with you all I know about the particular scent featured in the box.




- A cute box for safe-keeping

- 2 or 5 ml of scent (depending on value)

- Raw material/object

- A video deepdive, sharing all I know about the specific scent


How it works: 


Once payment comes through, you'll receive a letterbox parcel within it a beautiful little box with a card and a raw material in either a 2 ml of a 5 ml bottle at the start of each next month.


Next to the material, there will be a different version of this scent in a different form and shape. Think of moss, a tea, a vanilla pod, the tonka bean or a tear of pure frankincense resin (with a little block of charcoal to light it as incense). All things to explore the scent material from a different angle, a different sense.  


By scanning the QR code you'll find a video with information about that month's scent.


I will share fascinating insights, history, usage, and the secrets behind the scent material. 


Subscriptions can be stopped at any moment if you inform me via e-mail.

Scents of the Earth
Monthly membership
30,00 €monatlich bis zur Kündigung
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