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Reviewing and previewing

Thank you so much for tagging along on Lingua Planta's path. I am very grateful for you supporting our message, and being present at every step of this adventure. If Lingua Planta was a tree, we could say it was a good year for deepening our roots.

A review of 2022

Many more of our ingredients are now certified organic or sustainably wildcrafted. We keep challenging ourselves to be the most sustainable high-quality perfume brand on the market, kind to people, plants, and planet.

Our organic Sandalwood oil now comes from an Aboriginal-owned company and we traveled to Bulgaria to personally meet our organic Rose oil supplier in the Rose valley to see how they work and get insight into this process.

We remain cruelty-free and a 100% plant-based perfume brand, free from nasty stuff and compromises. Choosing quality, ethics, and the planet above all.

Many exciting and challenging things and some bold steps toward a bright future happened this year for LP. We have started working with two amazing people supporting with sales, marketing, and branding Marije and postal infrastructure and stock Sterre.

We have new packaging designed by Sam Velenne Reith.

2022 in numbers

Since the 1st of January, we have 4.000 followers on Instagram

We donated 2% of our revenue

Understory has been your favorite perfume this year

The discovery kits are your favorite products

Most of you are from the Netherlands

28% of our customers are returning customers

Plans for 2023

As above, so below. I love working together with other talented souls and this expansion is something I wish for the next year as well, growing organically, our tiny team exists now out of 3 women. This greatly excites me as it allows me, as your perfumer, to take some creative space, to travel, learn and grow in the coming year. Staying open, and curious, deepening my relationship with the world of plants by researching, studying, and being present in nature. Reconnection with nature stays key in anything Lingua Planta.

We'll update the website with some book and podcast recommendations that inspired the fragrances plus, we will offer you some more guidance in choosing a perfume by showing more of the process and story behind it. We started by showing total transparency on materials we use in our fragrances on the website.

Creating the most wonderful perfumes and products for you while also creating space for sensorial play for myself, encounters with other inspiring people, traveling, and learning. I'd love to connect with you more for example by having open studios to tell you all about Lingua Planta and perfume making. The last workshop I hosted was in Tuscany but you can expect some workshops closer to home starting in spring (date to be announced).

This was our finest year

Allowing me to focus full-time on Lingua Planta

But the best is yet to come...

With gratitude, love, and kindness,


Lingua Planta


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