January 4, 2019

 Could understanding the language of plants help us feel empathy for them?

There seems to be a new perspective in science and biology that is about -really- understanding flora. For a long time plants have been regarded as one of the most unintelligent of species and bi...

January 4, 2019

Plants are sometimes difficult to understand and failing to understand them makes them overlooked. Struggling to find the right language and failing at this is seemingly very human too.  This leads to the other shutting off and losing connection. I can connect to this...

May 9, 2016

All plants, even cacti, communicate with each other by the use of volatiles. They send out signals to steer reproduction, the flowers that attract bee colonies and monitor this all at the same time, they can warn each other, brace themselves for a pest and ask for help...

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Lingua Planta / Studio Merle Bergers

De Bilt, Utrecht, the Netherlands