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A single sample

A single sample


The perfect way to get acquainted with our fragrances. Every scent has its own unique character and develops differently on each individual's skin, making the process a uniquely personal experience. Our samples are full-strength perfume, accompanied by an information card to help you learn more about the fragrance. Choose from our five signature scents: Attract, Repel, Defend, Henosis and Understory.


Attract, Repel, Defend, Henosis and Understory come in 2 ml sample glass bottles, and Sacred Sun comes in a 3 ml glass bottle. All sample bottles come with a convenient perfume sprayer top and one drawstring cotton bag per order of samples. 


Personally, I love to keep a tiny sample with me in my bag at all times. It is a lovely way to gently shift into a different mood during the day. 

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