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Workshop natural perfume

Workshop natural perfume


The best introduction to natural perfume making.


In this 3-hour natural perfume masterclass, I will personally guide you through the techniques and structures of perfume formulation, sharing valuable tricks to help you tap into a sensory state of mind. At the end of the day, you will take your handcrafted perfume home.


I will make a selection of premium botanical materials for you to work with; essential oils, absolutes, resins and tinctures and we will work with extracts of bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood, black pepper, cedarwood etc. However, with our presence in the studio you can work under my guidance with more rare materials that specifically suit your wishes. 


This workshop is for all levels and will teach you the basics of perfumery. It is a really exciting sensorial deep-dive into natural fragrances. I will teach you how to note your perfume formula down easily and you will receive a hand-out with all the information to take home. 


  • Date: 12th January 2-5PM (with a half-hour leeway)
  • In: my perfumer's studio in de Bilt, Netherlands
  • Limited to 8 participants


This workshop is designed to be a cozy, fun and immersive experience. The limit of 8 participants allows me to provide personalized guidance while you create your own natural perfume. 


Once you've booked your ticket, it becomes non-refundable. We completely understand that life may take unexpected turns. In those cases, we want to offer you the flexibility to join another workshop later this year. This way, you can still enjoy the art of perfumary at a more convenient time. 

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