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the fragrance of a lemon tree in a Sicilian vegetable garden.


Warm, refreshing and citrusy

Uplift your senses and reset yourself. Repel contains Sicilian Bergamot, Wild Orange, Lemon and invigorating pink Pepper in the top. A heart of Lavender absolute and Clary Sage lead to a grounding, sweet and lush Vetiver in the base. What binds all these natural materials is that they contain molecules plants produce to repel certain insects or other nibblers. Hence the name Repel. An invigoration perfume with a little extra.

How plants create a natural sanctuary through repellents

Imagine yourself wandering through a Sicilian orchard filled with lemon trees. The gentle hum of bees and the flutter of butterflies fills the air. Yet, strangely, no biting insects disturb your peace. It’s because the plants around you possess a secret power - the power to repel bugs with their refreshing fragrance. Their secret lies in the complex chemistry of plant fragrances. Some plants, like citronella and lavender, emit a unique blend of volatile compounds that serves as a protective aura. All nibblers keep safe distance. It’s as if the plants, trees and flowers are working together to create a natural sanctuary where they can all sustain life  and thrive. This is where Repel was born.

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