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Secret Sacred Sun Launch

A collaboration between Moonshine Vintage and Lingua Planta

Sacred Sun

You're one of the first to know about our Secret Sacred Sun launch. Please note that quantities - for now - are very limited.

Sun-soaked plant and flower extracts envision that ethereal moment when everything is basking in a golden glow, the golden hour. An ethereal moment to create an everlasting memory.

This is the second batch of the perfume Sacred Sun, a collaboration between Moonshine Vintage and Lingua Planta. Saced Sun is handmade in The Netherlands with love by Lina and Merle.

*Note: because this is a small and exclusive collaboration from the heart, Sacred Sun 30 ml can not be returned & discount codes do not apply. Samples are available in our shop if you wish to acquaint yourselve with the new iteration.

A personal note on Sacred Sun

note lp 2.jpeg

Aromatic profile of Sacred Sun

Top Notes:

Pink pepper


Heart Notes:



Base Notes:

Orris root


"Sacred Sun feels like running through a blooming field of flowers during the peak of summer while the warm glow of the sun kisses your face."

Our new regenerative Sandalwood supplier ensuring equitable returns to Aboriginal people 

We proudly present our new supplier of Sandalwood for Sacred Sun: Dutjahn. An Australian organization ensuring Aboriginal people have fair and equitable share in the sandalwood business. Dutjahn is a sacred tree that is inextricably linked to the Indigenous people of Australia. The commercialization of sandalwood oil can thus be considered an economic transaction of Indigenous culture. Dutjahn is built on mutual respect and ethics with 50% of the company owned by indigenous Australians.


The essential oils are created by fusing Indigenous harvested wild wood from native title lands with sustainably managed plantation wood. Their commitment is in creating a regenerative system of sandalwood production in which people and biodiversity can thrive. This approach has been awarded with the United Nations Equator Prize for nature-based sustainable development. They benefit to people and the planet for generations to come and we're happy to join their mission!

With love,

Merle & Lina

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