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Social Media Field Guide

for those who are growing with us.

We really appreciate you taking the time to share about Lingua Planta in your community. Every post or share about our natural perfumes is like planting a seed and together we can grow even bigger! On this page you can find everything about Lingua Planta, from our background to social media examples. May this act as a peaceful portal for you to create from. 


With love,

Merle & Team Lingua Planta

Hello you!

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For centuries, humans have considered themselves to be superior to other species, but recent research has challenged this notion. Scientists have discovered that plants communicate with one another and with other organisms through a language of scent.


This revelation offers a new perspective on the natural world and highlights the complexity and interconnectedness of all living things. Lingua Planta represents a profound shift in our understanding of the plant kingdom and challenges us to rethink our relationship with nature.

To celebrate the intelligence of plants and to evoke a perspective shift, we've created a line of perfumes chosen with plant ethics in mind. Our perfumes are crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each fragrance is of the highest quality & friendly to all of Earth's inhabitants. 

The natural perfumes of Lingua Planta

We believe in conscious content,
made honest & intentionally. 

Some inspiration for you

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Lifestyle - A Lingua Planta shelf portrait! Capture the fragrance in your bathroom or living room. This could be lovely among other brands - let's raise & support each other.


Morning routine - We love seeing how you would use Lingua Planta and what it makes you feel like!

Review - We love hearing your thoughts and feelings about our product line. Whether in a video or in text, both very much valued.

Perfume rituals - Perfume is such a sensorial experience and unique to everyone's skin. What would be your perfume ritual?


Still life - Arrange your Lingua Planta bottle in a composition to your liking. With flowers, during a picknick with friends or bring your bottle on your holiday!

Copy from our library to stay at ease

... or create your own!

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Do you have a favorite perfume?

Find more details, rituals and stories below.


Reach out or say hi

We would love to personally connect with you, if you have any questions or are in need for some help, don't hesitate to reach out.

or DM @linguaplanta

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