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c r i s men store selects brands and designers based on their philosophy and background. 

Springweg 7A

3511 VH Utrecht, Netherlands

Holistic skincare salon with a focus on your body, soul and mind. OJAI is a haven of peace in the heart of the bustling city of Amsterdam.

Eerste boomdwarsstraat 10H, 1015 NC Amsterdam, Netherlands

An online boutique store for home goods made with love and attention. Enter The Loft searches the globe for the most talented artists and craftsmen and bring you their finest creations.

A wonderful little store in Utrecht selling artisanally made products from local artists.

Choorstraat 30

3511 KN  Utrecht, Netherlands

ABCNDstore is a hybride store on the intersection of fashion, design and art.

 Zamenhofstraat 108, unit 8, 1022 AG Amsterdam-Noord, Netherlands

We curate our stores as attentively as they curate the brands they work with

and favor stockists that value niche products with a story. If you are interested in our products and feel our story resonates, please don't hesitate to send us a message.

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