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Defend roomspray

Defend roomspray


The Defend roomspray is known for its grounding and anxiety relieving effects. The spray is deeply green, earthy, primal, and a little wild but deeply comforting too. Use a couple of sprays in your space to invigorate your mind and body. Hand blended in a small atelier in the Netherlands with all things natural in our minds, hearts and noses.


Defend reminisces a forest walk of green broken stems, trampled grass and seeping tree resins. The fragrance is based on the regenerative aspects of nature with its many  fragrant defence mechanisms. Cedarwood, the smell of fresh cut Grass, Oakmoss absolute and resins embody the spirit of an ancient forest.


Top notes:

Mown Grass

Black Pepper




Virginia cedarwood


Pine resin




Benzoe resin

Oakmoss absolute


  • Full ingredient list

    Defend : benzoe resin, oakmoss, cedarwood Virginia, black pepper, galbanum, eucalyptus, natural isolate Cis 3 hexanol (from mint), olibanum, copaiba, cypress oil

    Potential allergens: benzyl esters, eugenol, isoeugenol, Evernia Prunastri, limonene, linalool

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