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Rose Water

Pure Rosa Damascena hydrolate from the Rose Valley, Bulgaria.


Pure Rosa Damascena from Kazanlak, the Rose Valley in Bulgaria.

Rose water production in the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria is deeply rooted in the countries rich history and cultural heritage. The roses are handpicked in the early morning hours. This traditional method allows for the selection of only the most pristine and fragrant flowers, ensuring the highest quality end product. Bulgaria boasts the ideal climate and fertile soil conditions necessary for cultivating the exquisite Rosa Damascena, the fragrant rose variety used in the production of our Rose Water.

Rose Water as a final product embodies the captivating aroma of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and serves as a testament to the countries commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and producing rose water of unparalleled quality.

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Cooling, mild and rosy


Rosa Damascena Rose water is made from pure ethically sourced distilled roses with springwater and nothing else. Spray this Rose water on your skin for its soothing properties or on your pillow or in your living room to enjoy a beautiful, dewy and refreshing moment. 


Ethically sourced and carefully cultivated.

Team Lingua Planta is on a mission to get to know or meet all of our (future) growers, distillers and suppliers personally. For the Rose Water we visited our partner Silvia in Bulgaria. Here we joined her to the fields of Kazanlak, to get acquainted with her practice, the regenerative garden that has been part of her family's heritage for years and the plants that product the magical Rosa Damascena oil and absolute. 

We highly value suppliers like her who can offer transparency, a smaller ecological footprint and better practices to ensure we are on top of our sustainability goals. 

Rose Water Ritual

Spray a small amount of rose water into your palm or a fine mist directly onto your face.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and lightly pat the Rose Water into your skin with your fingertips onto your cheeks, forehead and chin.

Feel the coolness soothe and hydrate your skin. Let the subtle scent transport you to a place of calm within a field of roses.

Inhale deeply, savoring the subtle floral aroma. Embrace the enchanting essence of rosewater, connecting with nature's beauty.


Did the rose 
Ever open its heart 
And give to this world 
All its 
It felt the encouragement of light 
Against its Being. 
We all remain 

- The Rose from The Gift, Poems by Hafiz

'What's in a name?
That which we call a rose
By any other name would
smell as sweet [...]'
- William Shakespeare

The sound of Rose Water

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