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the fragrance of bees and 
who encounter    

a Bulgarian rose.

Grounding, warm & floral

This rosy, fresh perfume is inspired by the molecular language of flowers attracting bees and butterflies. With the full-bodied Bulgarian Rose at its heart, this fragrance finds support in honeyed blossoms and powdery but tenacious Mimosa. Earthy Patchouli and plant based musk bring Attract a bohemian edge while deepening and grounding this warm floral.

Regenerative, organic, bio-dynamic and wildcrafting 


Team Lingua Planta is on a mission to get to know or meet all of our (future) growers, distillers and suppliers personally. For the Attract fragrance we visited Sylvia from Rose Overdosed in Bulgary. Here we joined her to the fields of Kazanlak, to get acquainted with her practice, the regenerative garden that has been part of her family's heritage for years and the plants that product the magical Rose oil and Rosa Damascena absolute.

We also visited Enio Bonchev in their beautiful UNESCO rewarded distillery. They are the current distiller of the organic Rose absolute which we love very much. The story Vanya shared with us made us grateful to work with them. 

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