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the fragrance of the ancient 
underground conversation between mycelium and trees.


Layered, mossy and mystical

This plant-based perfume is like a fast-track into an autumnal forest bath. Understory harnesses the scent of the undergrowth: mosses, pine, earthy notes of Patchouli and Vetiver, softened by Amyris, Tonka and Lavender absolute. Our most intricate and layered scent. Find out how it tells its unique story on your skin.

The entangled life below

Understory is about the intelligence, communication and collaboration of the underground world. A secret realm, where roots and fungi intertwine to share nutrients, water and even information with one another. This entangled life, also known as the Wood Wide Web, is a remarkable example of the interconnectedness of life. May Understory serve as a symbol for all the unseen, forming ancient bonds, generating the soil that gives us life.

Understory serves as an invitation to look under the surface of the undergrowth. Beneath the seedlings, saplings, smaller plants and fallen leaves on the floor of a forest lies a mysterious world, carrying the wisdom of a billion years.