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We care about the planet and we care about you. Lingua Planta was born out of a desire for a meaningful relationship with plants, to change perspective and create meaningful (re-)connection with the more than human world, so naturally we feel a responsibility to prioritize ethical and conscious practices in all that we do. 

  • Each formula is created using carefully selected natural ingredients, organic or wildcrafted when possible, sustainably and ethically produced and made with mostly renewable resources. Each and every product is vegan and (of course) never tested on animals.                                                                                         

  • Our formula's are following the IFRA allergen safety guidelines, but if you have any possible allergies, sensitivities or concerns please consult your physician first. Lingua Planta will not be liable for any indirect or consequential damage. 

  • We are constantly on the look-out for suppliers who can offer more transparency, a smaller ecological footprint and better practice to ensure we are on top of our sustainability goals, with a dream to one day know all of the suppliers of our plant materials personally.                                  

  • All our glass packaging uses a minimum amount of plastic and are fully refillable and/or reusable. Convenient product refill options are coming soon. We would love if you shoot us a message if you have an empty bottle for a refill.     

  • We donate 1% of our online sales to mostly reforestation oriented causes like Utrechts Landschap, One Tree Planted or Treedom. We donate quarterly to whichever goals feels right for the times we live in.                                                                    

If new, better, kinder production options arise Lingua Planta promises to explore these new discoveries with an open mind. We are always keen to hear your ideas or proposals. Also we like to state that perfume is non-binary. It all comes down to your own preferences. 

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