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Discover the secret
             language of plants

Perfumes that are kind to earth do exist.


- Trouw

Try every fragrance in our 

Discovery Kit 

Find our complete collection of 5 perfumes in the discovery kit that comes in two sizes; the gift size in 5 x 5 ml and the sample size in 5 x 2 ml spray bottles in a magical little gift box.

Discovery Gift Kit


Scientists have discovered that plants communicate with one another through a language of scent. This is Lingua Planta. We translated their language into unique perfumes with all things natural for our mind, heart, and noses.

Reconnect with the natural world through the secret 
olfactory language of plants ... 

Attract - The fragrance of bees and butterflies who encounter a Bulgarian rose. A Rosy, musky, opulent scent.

Sound of Attract
00:00 / 00:53

Defend - The fragrance which reminisces a forest walk in spring of green broken stems and trembled grass. A deep green and primal perfume.

Sound of Defend
00:00 / 04:01

By experiencing the fragrances of Lingua Planta, you can immerse yourself in the language of nature and connect with the world around you in a new and profound way. So come, join us on a journey of discovery, and let the language of scent transport you to a world of wonder and beauty.

Repel - The fragrance a lemon

tree in a Sicilian vegetable garden in spring. An invigorating perfume with a little extra.

Sound of Repel
00:00 / 02:46

Understory - The fragrance of the ancient underground conversation between mycelium and trees. A scent layered with mossy, pine and earthy notes.

Sound of Understory
00:00 / 02:59

HenosisThe fragrance of a smoldering bonfire, the most primordial of rituals, where the warming fumes have a calming effect on body and mind.

Sound of Henosis
00:00 / 01:19

For centuries, humans have considered themselves to be superior to other species, but recent research has challenged this notion. Scientists have discovered that plants communicate with one another and with other organisms through a language of scent.


This revelation offers a new perspective on the natural world and highlights the complexity and interconnectedness of all living things. Lingua Planta represents a profound shift in our understanding of the plant kingdom and challenges us to rethink our relationship with nature.

To celebrate the intelligence of plants and to evoke a perspective shift, we've created a line of perfumes chosen with plant ethics in mind. Our perfumes are crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each fragrance is of the highest quality & friendly to all of Earth's inhabitants. 

With love,



Hand-blended, artisanally 

made and kind to earth.


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